Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

thanks steph...

ok you all got to try this! get a paper and a pen... got it??? lol kk here:
--pick the number of times a week that you would like to have dinner out
--less than 10 more than 1
--now multiply this number by 2
--add 50
-if you have already had your birthday this year add 1753...if you haven't, add 1752.........
--now subtract the four digit year that you were born. you should have three digits now.
--what is it?

the first digit of this was you original number(how many times you want to have eat out each week) and the last two digits is you age! WOW! haha cool beans!

ok yeahi think i might be getting the flu SHHHH... i want to go out tomorrow and meet jessica, nick and stacie. hehe... anyways tonihgt i watched the simple life you know the show with paris hilton and nikki richie... dude it is funny but fucked up. they charged stuff to someones credit card. dude i would kick their ass... dumb hoes... but it had me laughing. then i watched the oc. the oc like WHOA damn that is the best show ever. now i have to wait 3 weeks till the next show. damn holidays messing it up lol. anyways i hsould go to bed but i dont want to. wake up call at 8:00 BOOO! damn early mornings! hit me up during the day cause i will be bored waiting in sacramento! 5897276... gosh i hate that place! night loves!
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