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candle lady

ok so today was cool. sarah picked me up and then we went around for like 20 mins and then picked up taryn to go to the mall. sarah got ralph a spiffy watch. then ummmm hmm o taryn and i got mcdonalds. lol. i dont remember what happened but the candle lady is awesome! ok every weekend sarah and i see the candle signs all down the street. (IN SAN LEEEEE) and always are like hmm we need to go. so this time we did! so glad i did. she is sooo cool. we went there and looked at her gorgous candles. and then she asked if we wanted to watch her make one. we were like yeahhhh. so she showed us her process which took like 20 mins! i was shocked how fast it took to make something like that. while she was making it we all chatted about concerts. she is a rock fan it was so funny! she was like i am an old lady that loves to go to rock shows like green day, the transplants, and crap i dont remember the other band... but yeah and she knew stuff about the bands which was even cooler... too bad my mom wasnt like that. hahaha anyways, i totally had to get a candle so i called my dad and was like this would be a good gift for mom. so of course he said ok... hehe im going to go get it tomorrow along with my candle elephant!!!! yeah thats right an ELEPHANT!!!! holy shit man i swear this lady is awesome! if you all want to come with me and sarah tomorrow call sarah! lol hahahaha i doubt she would mind! hehe... we can watch the candle lady! so cool! anywho, we went to 24 hour fitness to see "spiffy ralph" to give him presents. i got him a jessica simpson autograph since he thinks she is hot. haha and put it in a dollar frame! haha but it looked nice. it is the thought that counts! hahaha... he was shocked about sarahs gift. i loved the face. chilled there till like 10 i think... i dont remember... then left. he liked the gifts, ima make him a copy of jessies pic too. i got home and now i am about to go eat taco bell... mmmm... too much junk food. that is why i need to loose wait AFTER new years haha.

oh yeah another note: my dog needs to get fixed again i believe at least... they say after the dog gets fixed he wont hump people or things anymore. it has been like 2 years... boy, were they are wrong he is sick... damn dog. i need to find him a woman. anyone have a girl dog??? hahaha my baby is coooute! hehehe
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