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yeah so i went to stoneridge to look for a small gift for my daddy-o. sarah treated vicky and i to food. love her! anywho we went to kaybees cause i wanted to get my poppa a solitare thing so he can play it on breaks...ended up not and sarah got the most spiffy game. SIMPSONS CLUE!!!! eek so fun!!! i had never played clue before... more on that later.. so then we left picked up taryn and went to target. i ened up getting curious george boxers for him. his name is george and for some reason my mom and i make fun of him since there is all these characters named george. yeah prob not funny to you all. lol. and i got this makeup shit that was on sale. SCORE i needed some of it.. hahaha suckas. taryn, sarah and vicky got some crap as well. then we got taco bell and went over vickys. we played the game like 5 times. it was great it took us like 20 mins to figure out how to play it. lol. at one point sarah and taryn got pulled out cause they guessed the wrong thing...long story but funny as hell. so vicky and i finally came to the conclusion that we wouldnt win. well actually i did, vicky i believe still thought she could.... she crossed off so many names it was hella funny. she is by far the best person to play with since you know you will win!!!! LOL hahaha! now im home and i ate chicken... gosh i sound like a fat ass eating all the time. well damn i am so whatever! im hungry still... nomore chicken.:( so now i am waiting for xmas to be over... everyone have a good christmas eve! i prob wont we dont really celebrate that. i think it jsut is anohter reason to open your gifts early. but hey maybe ill con them into that. haha prob not though.
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