Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

my gift list:

i got too many gifts when i shouldnt of. i shouldve just got my digital. but of course no. anywho, i still feel bad that i prob wont be able to ge gifts since i am poor. forgive me people... :(

what they got me:
3 pairs of pjs
2 or 3 shirts
a watch/clock
picture frame thingy
stuffed animal
sheets/pillow case i need some score
puzzle thingy
robe with DUCKIES on it YAY i love duckies!
and of course my digital

and i think that is it! lol

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait till spinach dip!!!

oh yeah so happy that linkin park, hoobastank, POD and some other group are coming here... woop woop im so there... sarah, vicky and hopefully taryn too! like whoa... anyone else??
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