Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

just another day

today felt like another day in a way. ok so my family WAS supposed to come over right??? NO! i was wanting this christmas to beok since lindsey isnt here to share it with me. but no it was boring, aweful and such a let down. all thanks to my flaky family! so my mom cooks this big dinner for my cousins, aunts and their dudes, and some friends. at home there is my mom, dad 3 bros and right now my grandpa. so around i dunno say 1 something one of my cousins which by the way i cant stand he is a dick comes by with his new "WIFE" that is pregnant. PSH WTF loser. also with my lil cousin. they stay for about say like freakin 30 mins and had to go back to one of my other cousins to open gifts. they were all like yeah dont worry we will be back. we want to see cousin rich if he comes over. though he didnt but im good with that cause he did yesterday and he has his daughters family to go too. anywho does my dick whole of a cousin come back NO! and to top things off everyone that said they were coming didnt! but i can totally understand one of my aunts not coming since she is super sick. yeah so it sucked major ass. i was dissapointed very much so. i thought i could be happy this christmas with my family but i was wrong it was a let down. another thing i was supposed to hang with friends also, though i did hang with sarah cause she is super spiffy! love her mucho! all of our plans didnt go they way i wanted them to. basically christmas was just a huge letdown period. the only good was watching my dog open his gifts, and hanging with sarah. just like any other day, full of let downs. didnt see tammy either. :( i wanted to see her she said she would come over but i understand again. christmas must be hella hard for her since lindsey is gone. maybe i shouldnt be bitchin about how crappy my christmas was and think how tammys was. not just tammy but anyone who lost their kid. gosh if it is hard for me i cant even imagine how it is for her or grandma. well tomorrow i suppose i will bring over tammy and thems gifts. im not sure how any of the others will get their gifts since they have no way here. long story. but yeah what a watse of wrapping freakin 10 gifts. OK again i should be thankful im here, and be thankful that i have the things i do and i am. but shit it still sucks. christmas shristmas blah blah blah. worst christmas ever.

another note... i had to put 2 different sets of batterys in my camera since yesterday! i barely used it today. it is just a battery sucker. actually i havent put in new ones yet so i am thinking of rechargable batterys... (THANKS VIK AND SARAH) haha

o yeah thanks to vicky for my gift. ima go exfoliate myself tomorrow hahahah.
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