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Friends only bitches...   
01:54am 27/12/2003
  Since so many people are stalking me... trying to be my friend... i made this into a friends only... if you add me and i add you back then okay if not there is a reason...


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just another day   
12:34am 26/12/2003
  today felt like another day in a way. ok so my family WAS supposed to come over right??? NO! i was wanting this christmas to beok since lindsey isnt here to share it with me. but no it was boring, aweful and such a let down. all thanks to my flaky family! so my mom cooks this big dinner for my cousins, aunts and their dudes, and some friends. at home there is my mom, dad 3 bros and right now my grandpa. so around i dunno say 1 something one of my cousins which by the way i cant stand he is a dick comes by with his new "WIFE" that is pregnant. PSH WTF loser. also with my lil cousin. they stay for about say like freakin 30 mins and had to go back to one of my other cousins to open gifts. they were all like yeah dont worry we will be back. we want to see cousin rich if he comes over. though he didnt but im good with that cause he did yesterday and he has his daughters family to go too. anywho does my dick whole of a cousin come back NO! and to top things off everyone that said they were coming didnt! but i can totally understand one of my aunts not coming since she is super sick. yeah so it sucked major ass. i was dissapointed very much so. i thought i could be happy this christmas with my family but i was wrong it was a let down. another thing i was supposed to hang with friends also, though i did hang with sarah cause she is super spiffy! love her mucho! all of our plans didnt go they way i wanted them to. basically christmas was just a huge letdown period. the only good was watching my dog open his gifts, and hanging with sarah. just like any other day, full of let downs. didnt see tammy either. :( i wanted to see her she said she would come over but i understand again. christmas must be hella hard for her since lindsey is gone. maybe i shouldnt be bitchin about how crappy my christmas was and think how tammys was. not just tammy but anyone who lost their kid. gosh if it is hard for me i cant even imagine how it is for her or grandma. well tomorrow i suppose i will bring over tammy and thems gifts. im not sure how any of the others will get their gifts since they have no way here. long story. but yeah what a watse of wrapping freakin 10 gifts. OK again i should be thankful im here, and be thankful that i have the things i do and i am. but shit it still sucks. christmas shristmas blah blah blah. worst christmas ever.

another note... i had to put 2 different sets of batterys in my camera since yesterday! i barely used it today. it is just a battery sucker. actually i havent put in new ones yet so i am thinking of rechargable batterys... (THANKS VIK AND SARAH) haha

o yeah thanks to vicky for my gift. ima go exfoliate myself tomorrow hahahah.

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my gift list:   
07:41am 25/12/2003
  i got too many gifts when i shouldnt of. i shouldve just got my digital. but of course no. anywho, i still feel bad that i prob wont be able to ge gifts since i am poor. forgive me people... :(

what they got me:
3 pairs of pjs
2 or 3 shirts
a watch/clock
picture frame thingy
stuffed animal
sheets/pillow case i need some score
puzzle thingy
robe with DUCKIES on it YAY i love duckies!
and of course my digital

and i think that is it! lol

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait till spinach dip!!!

oh yeah so happy that linkin park, hoobastank, POD and some other group are coming here... woop woop im so there... sarah, vicky and hopefully taryn too! like whoa... anyone else??

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wow wrapping is work...   
11:40pm 24/12/2003
  ok so my cousins came back over to drop off my grampers. they stayed for a bit longer. yay for that. they might stop by again tomorrow. i hope so. i was busting up cause jordan kept telling rich (my cousin) he looked like keanu reeves LMFAO dude it was so funny! and he kept being like dont mess him he is a good cop, he has a gun, he will shoot you! it was so funny! jordan is an idiot! anywho i wrapped hella presents out of the hizzo. like 40 prob... it was crazy... i just got done and i started around 8. at least while you were out was on to keep me going. damn parents were supposed to help but they didnt do much. o well i had nothing else to do. not looking forward to christmas but o well. im looking forward to the food. not the turkey cause i saw its heart and it was sad. poop on the turkey! none for me. spinach dip, potatoe cassorole, and hmmm yeah thats all for me. tomorrow im hoping some of us friends to hang out. it will feel better to be with them. oooooo yeah funny thing, i wrapped gifts for my dog, yes i said my dog! hahaha and i put them all in a bag on the floor in my moms room. we walk in there and the damn dumbass got into the bag whihc i dont know how he knew and opened on of his gifts. he was on the bed with the evidence lying next to him. damn asshole... gosh, he is far too much.  

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AWWE happy!!!!!!!!!!!   
05:48pm 24/12/2003
  i was so happy to hear this morning that my cousin was coming over. i havent seen him for years! he lives in arizona and is on some swat team there... hahaha i was busting up to hear that he was packin heat... LOL. anywho he brought over his daughter alexis. omg she grew like whoa. last i saw her she was like 1 and now she is 6. she is the cutest thing! so sweet. i asked if i could get my digital so i can take pics. they said yeah so i took some of her and him... she took over the camera and took pics of everything sooo cute! i want her! i wish i could get the chance to see them more. i miss them like whoa. anywho here are some pics i took today and she took lol.

cousin richie and his daughter alexis... she is too cute!

she took that one on her own!!!hahaha

i love that one... we took over my brothers room...

sooo cute!

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The soundtrack of my life... well kinda!   
01:26am 24/12/2003

Opening Credits: a whole new world- aladdin
Waking-up Scene: boom boom- britney
Average-day scene: my best friend- missy elliot
Driving scene: lets take a ride- justin
Pining for someone you can't have scene: Why Can't I - Liz Phair
Party scene: get low- lil jon and the eastside boys
Happy dance scene: hokey pokey
Slow dance: unchained melody- richtous bros
First-date scene: first date- blink
Falling-in-love scene: endless love- diana ross, i have i told you lately - elvis, i swear - all for one
Fight-with-friend scene: The Worst Day Ever - Simple Plan
Break-up scene: ex-girlfirend- no doubt
Get-back-together scene: back to your heart- bsb
Heartbreak scene: bringing on the heartbreak- mariah carey, thats when ill stop loving you-nsync, unbreak my heart-toni braxton
Best-friend scene: my best friend- tim mcgraw, count on me- cece willams & whitney houston
Long-night-alone scene: i wont spend anohter night alone- ataris, i need you tonight-nick
Mental-breakdown scene: coldplay songs HAHAHA
Lesson-learning scene: AFI- todays lesson (i got that one for taryn)
"Life's okay" scene: moving on-GC
Nude scene: miss america - nick
Regret scene: Everytime - Britney
Deep-thought scene: piano music...
Flashback scene: hero- mariah carey
Eternal love scene: endless love- diana ross and more i just cant think of them...
Happy Ending: happy ending-elvis
Closing credits: walking away-craig david

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12:32am 24/12/2003
  yeah so i went to stoneridge to look for a small gift for my daddy-o. sarah treated vicky and i to food. love her! anywho we went to kaybees cause i wanted to get my poppa a solitare thing so he can play it on breaks...ended up not and sarah got the most spiffy game. SIMPSONS CLUE!!!! eek so fun!!! i had never played clue before... more on that later.. so then we left picked up taryn and went to target. i ened up getting curious george boxers for him. his name is george and for some reason my mom and i make fun of him since there is all these characters named george. yeah prob not funny to you all. lol. and i got this makeup shit that was on sale. SCORE i needed some of it.. hahaha suckas. taryn, sarah and vicky got some crap as well. then we got taco bell and went over vickys. we played the game like 5 times. it was great it took us like 20 mins to figure out how to play it. lol. at one point sarah and taryn got pulled out cause they guessed the wrong thing...long story but funny as hell. so vicky and i finally came to the conclusion that we wouldnt win. well actually i did, vicky i believe still thought she could.... she crossed off so many names it was hella funny. she is by far the best person to play with since you know you will win!!!! LOL hahaha! now im home and i ate chicken... gosh i sound like a fat ass eating all the time. well damn i am so whatever! im hungry still... nomore chicken.:( so now i am waiting for xmas to be over... everyone have a good christmas eve! i prob wont we dont really celebrate that. i think it jsut is anohter reason to open your gifts early. but hey maybe ill con them into that. haha prob not though.  

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some funny and hot pictures...   
12:49pm 23/12/2003
  I grow to find that orlando bloom is one of thehottest guys i have ever seen. hot damn...

This justcracks me up... o and orlando wow!

need i say more this one obviously goes in the funny ones...the guy on the far left looks like he going to kill them. lol and the asain dude is like mmm i want some of that...

hot damn!!!!!! i swear he is gorgous like whoa... he is up there with paul walker, chad michael murray and riley smith now... had to make my list 4...

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thanks steven...   
02:15am 23/12/2003
  1) Using band names, spell out your first name:
Judist priest
Early november (thanks alan)
No Doubt

2) Have you ever had a song written about you? not that i know of... oooo wait YES!!!! lindsey wrote one!!! HAHAHA

3) What song makes you cry? depends... i could cry to any song trust me lol

4) What song makes you happy? alot do!

5) What do you like to listen to before bed? anything i feel like...

6) Name a song by Coal Chamber: who?

7) Who was your idol/s when you were younger? mariah carey!!! and selena!!! hahaha i thought i was black and mexican hahaha

8) First album you ever bought? mariah carey: daydream

9) Name a song that reminds you of someone and why: One sweet day : mariah carey.... lindsey need i say more??? lol

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yup yup yup   
01:06am 23/12/2003
mood: okay
ok so i went to go to the candle ladys house to pick up the candle for my mom. she wasnt there so i went back with amy and my daddy after 5. we were all in awe once again. my candle came out so gorgous! love her! my dad was like dont wait till xmas give it to her now. lol. love my daddy! so i did i think she thinks we are cool now. um no i still cant stand you. so mean of me. o well. anywho, im kinda mad cause i dont have mola. i need it like whoa. i need to get gifts for friends. i was going to get money for xmas cause i asked for it along with my digital. my dad went all out and bought one supposely a good one. prob way to much for it. and i doubt i will get money. i should just be happy for everything i am going to get. but i feel bad cause i dont know what i am going to do about presents. so crap, maybe ill go work the corner. JOKE! yeah so my dad and i are trying to figure something out. i guess i will find out after xmas. i am happy i got a digital though even though i didnt know he got me one cause i was just going to get it. damn daddy, he told me what i got... shame shame not supposed to tell me. he funny! im waiting to see jordans present still! hahaha so funny! the low rider highdrolicks (YEAH CANT SPELL BUT YOU GET THE POINT DONT HATE LOL) dude that is oging to be funny a lil ass white kid driving one of them lil ass remote controller cars down the street. hahaha i love it! not really looking forward to xmas though. i would usually spend it at both houses lindsey and mines. now my family invited what is left of hers over. i wouldnt want to come over if i were them. it will be sad, plus my aunty is really sick and on the verge of dying they dont need to be around that. but in a way i want them to come, so it is kinda spending xmas together again. who knows what will happen, personally i am just there for the food. my family is either always boring or fighting. no one my age, no one really to talk to but the kids and just not that fun. i sound so mean. but it is the truth, i want the food mmmm spinach dip YUMMY. im looking forward to the day after xmas. having it over and not having this crappy feeling. though actually the feeling prob will still be there. one thing that actually might be fun on xmas is making fun of bob my somewhat uncle. one of my cousins he is freakin hella funny. and bob well lets say he reminds me of a homeless hick, but he isnt. LOL its great i will have to take pics! anywho, making fun of him is always fun, even though it is mean. gosh, i really do sound mean. :( taryns roomate thinks i am mean. her first impression she thought of me was that i am mean. :( awwe am i mean??? i hope not. what was your first impression of me???

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Thanx Lauren...   
02:18am 22/12/2003
1) switchfoot
2) mandy moore
3) fefe dobson
4) No Doubt
5) bryan adams
6) mairah carey
7) ryan tedder
8) eric clapton
9) kelly clarkson
10) evanecsesne

//08 things you look forward to:
1) food
2) getting my camera
3) britney concert
4) going back to school...kinda
5) meeting a celeb
6) after xmas...
7) finding what i want to be
8) going to sleep

//8 things you like to wear:
1) underware cause that just nasty if you dont... (VICKY< SARAH KNOW!)
2) bra
3) jacket (LOVE THEM)
4) my lindsey locket
5) hmmmm
6) hmmmm
7) hmmmm
8) hmmmm

//07 things that annoy you:
1) liars
2) haters liek what... lol
3) People who can't ever take the blame when they know its really their fault ~~~WOO YEAH LAUREN I AGREE
4) Stupid people
5) some people wont name names hahahah
6) lots of people together (LIKE MALLS)
7) my mom

//06 things you say most days:
1) hella
2) holla
3) what in the devil
4) omg
5) what the hell
6) spiffy

//05 things you do everyday:
1) Wake up
2) Sleep
3) Go online
4) Get bored
5) Listen to music & dance

//04 people you want to spend more time with:
1) sarah (LIKE I NEED TOO)
2) taryn
3) vicky
4) stephanie
5)everyone i like! hehe i cheated!

//03 movies you could watch over and over again:
1) a walk to remember
2) pearl harbor (though i did how sad!)
3) Pirates of the Caribbean/goonies/motorcrossed hahah disney like whoa

//02 of your favorite songs at the moment:
1) bryan adams ones!!!
2) my immortal

//01 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1) dont have anyone to choose from... how sad... lol not really anywho...


yeah it is colder than hell! watched a lil bit of trading spaces... worried about my dog now. i think something is the matter. dont knwo what but i have a feeling. haha kinda like a mother child one. cause he is my baby... so i think ima make my dad take me and isley to the vet. though i wont go to VCA cause they are a bunch of dumb fucks there... we have to change it up... idiots... gosh anywho ima bout to go to bed. im tired and hungry, even thoughi just ate

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haha this is funny!   
01:06am 22/12/2003
  All made me with Orlando... LOL hahaha... and i didnt say anything... WTF am I mute??? Oh well hot damn it is orlando!

Most Likely Male Celeb To Bang ::Edited:: by lifeoflindz
Your Name
Your ManOrlando Bloom
Where?A Club
You sayNothing
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

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candle lady   
11:06pm 21/12/2003
  ok so today was cool. sarah picked me up and then we went around for like 20 mins and then picked up taryn to go to the mall. sarah got ralph a spiffy watch. then ummmm hmm o taryn and i got mcdonalds. lol. i dont remember what happened but the candle lady is awesome! ok every weekend sarah and i see the candle signs all down the street. (IN SAN LEEEEE) and always are like hmm we need to go. so this time we did! so glad i did. she is sooo cool. we went there and looked at her gorgous candles. and then she asked if we wanted to watch her make one. we were like yeahhhh. so she showed us her process which took like 20 mins! i was shocked how fast it took to make something like that. while she was making it we all chatted about concerts. she is a rock fan it was so funny! she was like i am an old lady that loves to go to rock shows like green day, the transplants, and crap i dont remember the other band... but yeah and she knew stuff about the bands which was even cooler... too bad my mom wasnt like that. hahaha anyways, i totally had to get a candle so i called my dad and was like this would be a good gift for mom. so of course he said ok... hehe im going to go get it tomorrow along with my candle elephant!!!! yeah thats right an ELEPHANT!!!! holy shit man i swear this lady is awesome! if you all want to come with me and sarah tomorrow call sarah! lol hahahaha i doubt she would mind! hehe... we can watch the candle lady! so cool! anywho, we went to 24 hour fitness to see "spiffy ralph" to give him presents. i got him a jessica simpson autograph since he thinks she is hot. haha and put it in a dollar frame! haha but it looked nice. it is the thought that counts! hahaha... he was shocked about sarahs gift. i loved the face. chilled there till like 10 i think... i dont remember... then left. he liked the gifts, ima make him a copy of jessies pic too. i got home and now i am about to go eat taco bell... mmmm... too much junk food. that is why i need to loose wait AFTER new years haha.

oh yeah another note: my dog needs to get fixed again i believe at least... they say after the dog gets fixed he wont hump people or things anymore. it has been like 2 years... boy, were they are wrong he is sick... damn dog. i need to find him a woman. anyone have a girl dog??? hahaha my baby is coooute! hehehe

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12:07pm 21/12/2003
  damn nicks eyes are so hot! now some of you know... a pic from my friends site when we met him...

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:( im sick...   
11:50am 20/12/2003
  i dont feel good at all. i have this massive head cold. we dont have medicine either just medicine for kids. ahhhh... i think i am getting the flu cause my brother has it as well. i hope not, that will so ruin everything. even though i am not sure what "everything" is. i shouldve got the flu shot. i was too scared, needles scare the crap out of me. well ima go take my temp... pray that i dont have a fever! :)  

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damn bastards...   
04:50pm 19/12/2003
  ok so steph and i just got our pics. some idiots like to just mess up on them. some trailer trash lady at albertsons messed up on all the rolls. she said there wasnt any pictures on them. UMMM hello!!! dude my mariah carey pics are no where to be found. and they were in the middle of my roll of film. they dont just dissapear like that. i mean my camera is messed up but not that bad. so yeah those were gone, my alicia keys didnt come out. stephs cat pictures didnt come out and some of our jessica and nick ones didnt come out. when i called to see if they were ready she told me the machine was messed up so it would take 2 1/2 hours. WTF stupid cunt, so we go there like 45 mins beofre they are all done. but missing!!! she goes yeah some of them werent there. trying to cover up how she fucked up. dude so now we dont want to go there. cant go to walmart cause they stoled half our pictures! cant go to longs cause they stoled our pictures, cant go to walgreens cause they fucked up on tammys pictures. damnit we need to go somewhere cheap and this is bull shit... figures... i need a membership to costco. anyways, our best picture is pretty damn good so thank god for that. and another one i liked was jessica on nicks back...


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I was famous! hehe (LONG ENTRY)   
11:29pm 18/12/2003
  ok today and tonight was very much a good time!!! yay good time for me SCORE! ok so as you know i went to sacramento with julianna and stephanie to go meet jessica simpson and nick lachey. well ok so i get up at 8 and blah blah ok whatev! lol. we leave around 9 and finally we get to sac whihc wasnt too bad of a drive. and we go downtown cause we missed the exit, and we see this cop and julianna shit i think i am going to get pulled over. i didnt think about it cause she wasnt doing anything wrong. anyways, we ended up getting pulled over. this old ass cop comes out and ask's if she knew why she was getting pulled over which they ask the same mother freakin questions everytime. she said no and he tells her she is missing her front plate. WTF??? whatever...lol. anyways he tells us hell be back in a while cause he is old. YEAH RIGHT!!!! lol he comes back saying your lucky you look nice in this pic... which prob means he was week week in da car with ehr pic! EWWWW! all trying to hit up and he is like 70 dude it was priceless. then he tells her all this crap and we go yeah do you know how to get to blah blah mall? he goes um why? we tell him jessica simpson then he goes oooooooooooooooohhh yeah. you are worried about jessica when you just got a ticket. then he told us to go to church and confess ourselves! WTF HELLA RANDOM COP!!!! LMFAO we couldnt stop laughing... all talking crap lol it was so funny i think i pissed my pants. so yeah we go to the mall all pissed cause parking sucked. walked around and couldnt find where the hell this shit was. after talking to the sevrice crap we find out we are at the wrong mall. by this time it is like 11. we thought there would be this long ass line and shit. boy were we wrong! we get to the other mall in like 5 mins. haha and find the "LINE" where there was no one there.hahaha so we waited. it was funny we met this totally currupt guy named doug. dude he was so awesome! we let him cut in line cause he was my "cousin" lol. totally fucking cool! anyways, the best part is all these news stations were there. all of them taped us asking us these dumb questions and we went all out. lol we are getting tapes of them all just cause it was so corrupt. we had a total of like 5 stations video taping us. we felt special. not to mention "clay aiken" lol he was a looker. hahaha. we had everyone taping our story. we made up so much lies it was great! so yeah finally an hour late jessie arrives. she was so pretty as always. we were told we would get pics. being first in line fuck yeah we should. so steph went first and she got a pic then this heffa of a man comes up and yells in my face NO PICTURES! i was pissed. but yeah i got a personalized autograph which wasnt allowed but she cool like that. gay ass meet n greets they are always lame. but we were there for the night shit anyways. after the meet n greet they all wanted to interview us. haha oh yeah the people who taped the newlyweds were there also. WOOP WOOP. so yeah we waited for a while and then decided to go to the club were they were go to get our personal shit going on and a chance to see hot ass mofo nick lachey HOT DAMN! we go there and wait for a while saw some hella hurt girl that wouldnt leave us alone. damn i dont like to be mean but she was from the danage and hurt beyond belief. *MEAN* lol. so anyways, they came and we got pics of them going in since they were of course late. so then everyone went in cept for one of the drivers. we ended up chattin it up with him. he also made fun of us. saying you all came form san jose... (WHERE JULZ IS FROM) to come here. lol. he said something that was hella funny but i cant remember damnit! anyways he was cool. he didnt even know who he was driving around... ummm MTV bitch!lol. so we expalined sometings. anyways he ended up soming out with some autographs of jessica on these hot ass 8x10s she looks soooo gorgous in it. right when jessie and nick were about to come out our friend the driver told us to get out of the car. so of course we did.some other fans were there but were kinda blocked off. anyways some how word get around that we were the fans that came from san jose. we asked nick while he had jessie on his back AWWE so cute if we could ge a pic and some shit signed. he looked at us then his sercurity grabbed his shoulder and was like "dude nick you have to come meet these girls they came from san jose" OMG it was hella funny. bitter ass people i swear HAHAHA i so mean. anyways nick was like " wow thank you so much for coming here for us. i love you guys." and kept thanking us and stuff. i got soemthing for a budddddy signed from jessie. i didnt get anything signed from nick. but i talked to him and i almost creamed my pants (INIDSE JOKE) when he looked at me. holy shit i swear he has the best eyes ever! gosh i had a bopper moment it was sad. they kept thanking us and stuff. and newlyweds was taping as wll i swear we are going to be on that show! lol. we were like the only sad people that were big fans at the club. so julz got a pic with nick i almost got one but jessie was signing something for me and some hoe grabbed nick right before they had to go since they had a flight. so we were punped up cause hella people knew of us. dude it was great. im sure im leaving out hella stuff but all in all it was a great day and night. and i need them so YAY for me again! jessica was so sweet and nick was hella nice as well. not to mention god damn hot! they stopped for us cause we are SPECIAL! haha i swear it gets better each time... i cant wait till next time i meet nick and jessica ill grab up on that shit. too bad drew wasnt there. hot damn. HAHA i feel like a bopper right now. it cracks me up. i cant wait to see all the TV shit we were on. im waiting for newlyweds! haha  

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thanks steph...   
10:31pm 17/12/2003
  ok you all got to try this! get a paper and a pen... got it??? lol kk here:
--pick the number of times a week that you would like to have dinner out
--less than 10 more than 1
--now multiply this number by 2
--add 50
-if you have already had your birthday this year add 1753...if you haven't, add 1752.........
--now subtract the four digit year that you were born. you should have three digits now.
--what is it?

the first digit of this was you original number(how many times you want to have eat out each week) and the last two digits is you age! WOW! haha cool beans!

ok yeahi think i might be getting the flu SHHHH... i want to go out tomorrow and meet jessica, nick and stacie. hehe... anyways tonihgt i watched the simple life you know the show with paris hilton and nikki richie... dude it is funny but fucked up. they charged stuff to someones credit card. dude i would kick their ass... dumb hoes... but it had me laughing. then i watched the oc. the oc like WHOA damn that is the best show ever. now i have to wait 3 weeks till the next show. damn holidays messing it up lol. anyways i hsould go to bed but i dont want to. wake up call at 8:00 BOOO! damn early mornings! hit me up during the day cause i will be bored waiting in sacramento! 5897276... gosh i hate that place! night loves!

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04:02pm 17/12/2003
mood: stumped
this is weird...

how many legs do yoooou see???

HOLY SHIT!!!! dude i am stumped on how they do this!!!

if you find out tell me! cause shit!

those bastards!!!! thank god vicky is smart! she found it out! lol... with out her i have no idea what i would do LMFAO... gosh cudos to vicky

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lookin for   
02:57pm 17/12/2003
mood: sore throat
a good digital camera. i want one that zooms nicely. also, with a good amount of space. but the catch is i only want to spend $250. im sick of my camera, i got it in june for my bday and now it is all messed up and i have tog o take it in. im going digital for everything except for concerts they wont let me take it in. any ideas???

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