Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

I was famous! hehe (LONG ENTRY)

ok today and tonight was very much a good time!!! yay good time for me SCORE! ok so as you know i went to sacramento with julianna and stephanie to go meet jessica simpson and nick lachey. well ok so i get up at 8 and blah blah ok whatev! lol. we leave around 9 and finally we get to sac whihc wasnt too bad of a drive. and we go downtown cause we missed the exit, and we see this cop and julianna shit i think i am going to get pulled over. i didnt think about it cause she wasnt doing anything wrong. anyways, we ended up getting pulled over. this old ass cop comes out and ask's if she knew why she was getting pulled over which they ask the same mother freakin questions everytime. she said no and he tells her she is missing her front plate. WTF??? anyways he tells us hell be back in a while cause he is old. YEAH RIGHT!!!! lol he comes back saying your lucky you look nice in this pic... which prob means he was week week in da car with ehr pic! EWWWW! all trying to hit up and he is like 70 dude it was priceless. then he tells her all this crap and we go yeah do you know how to get to blah blah mall? he goes um why? we tell him jessica simpson then he goes oooooooooooooooohhh yeah. you are worried about jessica when you just got a ticket. then he told us to go to church and confess ourselves! WTF HELLA RANDOM COP!!!! LMFAO we couldnt stop laughing... all talking crap lol it was so funny i think i pissed my pants. so yeah we go to the mall all pissed cause parking sucked. walked around and couldnt find where the hell this shit was. after talking to the sevrice crap we find out we are at the wrong mall. by this time it is like 11. we thought there would be this long ass line and shit. boy were we wrong! we get to the other mall in like 5 mins. haha and find the "LINE" where there was no one there.hahaha so we waited. it was funny we met this totally currupt guy named doug. dude he was so awesome! we let him cut in line cause he was my "cousin" lol. totally fucking cool! anyways, the best part is all these news stations were there. all of them taped us asking us these dumb questions and we went all out. lol we are getting tapes of them all just cause it was so corrupt. we had a total of like 5 stations video taping us. we felt special. not to mention "clay aiken" lol he was a looker. hahaha. we had everyone taping our story. we made up so much lies it was great! so yeah finally an hour late jessie arrives. she was so pretty as always. we were told we would get pics. being first in line fuck yeah we should. so steph went first and she got a pic then this heffa of a man comes up and yells in my face NO PICTURES! i was pissed. but yeah i got a personalized autograph which wasnt allowed but she cool like that. gay ass meet n greets they are always lame. but we were there for the night shit anyways. after the meet n greet they all wanted to interview us. haha oh yeah the people who taped the newlyweds were there also. WOOP WOOP. so yeah we waited for a while and then decided to go to the club were they were go to get our personal shit going on and a chance to see hot ass mofo nick lachey HOT DAMN! we go there and wait for a while saw some hella hurt girl that wouldnt leave us alone. damn i dont like to be mean but she was from the danage and hurt beyond belief. *MEAN* lol. so anyways, they came and we got pics of them going in since they were of course late. so then everyone went in cept for one of the drivers. we ended up chattin it up with him. he also made fun of us. saying you all came form san jose... (WHERE JULZ IS FROM) to come here. lol. he said something that was hella funny but i cant remember damnit! anyways he was cool. he didnt even know who he was driving around... ummm MTV bitch!lol. so we expalined sometings. anyways he ended up soming out with some autographs of jessica on these hot ass 8x10s she looks soooo gorgous in it. right when jessie and nick were about to come out our friend the driver told us to get out of the car. so of course we did.some other fans were there but were kinda blocked off. anyways some how word get around that we were the fans that came from san jose. we asked nick while he had jessie on his back AWWE so cute if we could ge a pic and some shit signed. he looked at us then his sercurity grabbed his shoulder and was like "dude nick you have to come meet these girls they came from san jose" OMG it was hella funny. bitter ass people i swear HAHAHA i so mean. anyways nick was like " wow thank you so much for coming here for us. i love you guys." and kept thanking us and stuff. i got soemthing for a budddddy signed from jessie. i didnt get anything signed from nick. but i talked to him and i almost creamed my pants (INIDSE JOKE) when he looked at me. holy shit i swear he has the best eyes ever! gosh i had a bopper moment it was sad. they kept thanking us and stuff. and newlyweds was taping as wll i swear we are going to be on that show! lol. we were like the only sad people that were big fans at the club. so julz got a pic with nick i almost got one but jessie was signing something for me and some hoe grabbed nick right before they had to go since they had a flight. so we were punped up cause hella people knew of us. dude it was great. im sure im leaving out hella stuff but all in all it was a great day and night. and i need them so YAY for me again! jessica was so sweet and nick was hella nice as well. not to mention god damn hot! they stopped for us cause we are SPECIAL! haha i swear it gets better each time... i cant wait till next time i meet nick and jessica ill grab up on that shit. too bad drew wasnt there. hot damn. HAHA i feel like a bopper right now. it cracks me up. i cant wait to see all the TV shit we were on. im waiting for newlyweds! haha
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