Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

damn bastards...

ok so steph and i just got our pics. some idiots like to just mess up on them. some trailer trash lady at albertsons messed up on all the rolls. she said there wasnt any pictures on them. UMMM hello!!! dude my mariah carey pics are no where to be found. and they were in the middle of my roll of film. they dont just dissapear like that. i mean my camera is messed up but not that bad. so yeah those were gone, my alicia keys didnt come out. stephs cat pictures didnt come out and some of our jessica and nick ones didnt come out. when i called to see if they were ready she told me the machine was messed up so it would take 2 1/2 hours. WTF stupid cunt, so we go there like 45 mins beofre they are all done. but missing!!! she goes yeah some of them werent there. trying to cover up how she fucked up. dude so now we dont want to go there. cant go to walmart cause they stoled half our pictures! cant go to longs cause they stoled our pictures, cant go to walgreens cause they fucked up on tammys pictures. damnit we need to go somewhere cheap and this is bull shit... figures... i need a membership to costco. anyways, our best picture is pretty damn good so thank god for that. and another one i liked was jessica on nicks back...

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