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ok so i went to go to the candle ladys house to pick up the candle for my mom. she wasnt there so i went back with amy and my daddy after 5. we were all in awe once again. my candle came out so gorgous! love her! my dad was like dont wait till xmas give it to her now. lol. love my daddy! so i did i think she thinks we are cool now. um no i still cant stand you. so mean of me. o well. anywho, im kinda mad cause i dont have mola. i need it like whoa. i need to get gifts for friends. i was going to get money for xmas cause i asked for it along with my digital. my dad went all out and bought one supposely a good one. prob way to much for it. and i doubt i will get money. i should just be happy for everything i am going to get. but i feel bad cause i dont know what i am going to do about presents. so crap, maybe ill go work the corner. JOKE! yeah so my dad and i are trying to figure something out. i guess i will find out after xmas. i am happy i got a digital though even though i didnt know he got me one cause i was just going to get it. damn daddy, he told me what i got... shame shame not supposed to tell me. he funny! im waiting to see jordans present still! hahaha so funny! the low rider highdrolicks (YEAH CANT SPELL BUT YOU GET THE POINT DONT HATE LOL) dude that is oging to be funny a lil ass white kid driving one of them lil ass remote controller cars down the street. hahaha i love it! not really looking forward to xmas though. i would usually spend it at both houses lindsey and mines. now my family invited what is left of hers over. i wouldnt want to come over if i were them. it will be sad, plus my aunty is really sick and on the verge of dying they dont need to be around that. but in a way i want them to come, so it is kinda spending xmas together again. who knows what will happen, personally i am just there for the food. my family is either always boring or fighting. no one my age, no one really to talk to but the kids and just not that fun. i sound so mean. but it is the truth, i want the food mmmm spinach dip YUMMY. im looking forward to the day after xmas. having it over and not having this crappy feeling. though actually the feeling prob will still be there. one thing that actually might be fun on xmas is making fun of bob my somewhat uncle. one of my cousins he is freakin hella funny. and bob well lets say he reminds me of a homeless hick, but he isnt. LOL its great i will have to take pics! anywho, making fun of him is always fun, even though it is mean. gosh, i really do sound mean. :( taryns roomate thinks i am mean. her first impression she thought of me was that i am mean. :( awwe am i mean??? i hope not. what was your first impression of me???
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