Jenna (jennaizzel) wrote,

wow wrapping is work...

ok so my cousins came back over to drop off my grampers. they stayed for a bit longer. yay for that. they might stop by again tomorrow. i hope so. i was busting up cause jordan kept telling rich (my cousin) he looked like keanu reeves LMFAO dude it was so funny! and he kept being like dont mess him he is a good cop, he has a gun, he will shoot you! it was so funny! jordan is an idiot! anywho i wrapped hella presents out of the hizzo. like 40 prob... it was crazy... i just got done and i started around 8. at least while you were out was on to keep me going. damn parents were supposed to help but they didnt do much. o well i had nothing else to do. not looking forward to christmas but o well. im looking forward to the food. not the turkey cause i saw its heart and it was sad. poop on the turkey! none for me. spinach dip, potatoe cassorole, and hmmm yeah thats all for me. tomorrow im hoping some of us friends to hang out. it will feel better to be with them. oooooo yeah funny thing, i wrapped gifts for my dog, yes i said my dog! hahaha and i put them all in a bag on the floor in my moms room. we walk in there and the damn dumbass got into the bag whihc i dont know how he knew and opened on of his gifts. he was on the bed with the evidence lying next to him. damn asshole... gosh, he is far too much.
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